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Regulated Activities


In Chile, there are currently 3,300 aquaculture concessions. Species mainly include salmon, mussels, abalones and more recently algae, among others.

Aquaculture is regulated by the General Law on Fisheries and Aquaculture (LGPA), which sets out the legal framework for the import of hydrobiological resources, access to aquaculture areas, concessions, environmental and health conditions for its implementation, regulations to conduct aquaculture for ornamental or scientific purposes, infractions and sanction system.

Different State institutions play different roles in this activity:

  • The Undersecretariat for Fisheries and Aquaculture regulates the activity and establishes the technical conditions under which this activity can be conducted.
  • The Undersecretariat of the Armed Forces grants the aquaculture concessions and dictates the appropriate areas for exercise of the activity.
  • The Environmental Assessment Service participates in the environmental assessment of the projects.
  • The National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service and the Directorate General of Maritime Territory and Marine Merchant carry out monitoring work.