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Main Aspects of the General Law on Fisheries and Aquaculture

Title I: General Provisions
Title II: Management of Fisheries
  Paragraph 1°: Powers for the conservation of hydrobiological resources
  Paragraph 1º bis: Discard of hydrobiological species
  Paragraph 2°: Implementation of treaties and procedure for adopting international conservation and management measures regarding fisheries
  Paragraph 3º: Management plans
  Paragraph 4º: Import of hydrobiological species
  Paragraph 5°: Regarding the protection, rescue, rehabilitation, reintegration, watching and monitoring of marine mammals, reptiles and seabirds.
  Paragraph 6°: Animal welfare
Title III: Access to the industrial extractive fishing activity
  Paragraph 1º: General regime of access
  Paragraph 2º: Regime of full exploitation
  Paragraph 3º: Regime of Fisheries in recovery and incipient development stage
  Paragraph 4º: Common regulation
Title IV: Small-scale fisheries
  Paragraph 1º: Regime of access and powers for the conservation of hydrobiological resources
  Paragraph 2º: National Registry for Artisanal Fishermen
  Paragraph 3°: Regime of Management and Exploitation Areas for Benthic Resources
  Paragraph 4°: Artisanal regime of extraction
  Paragraph 5°: Fund for the Promotion of Artisanal Fishing
Title V: Common provisions
Title VI: Aquaculture
  Paragraph 1°: Aquaculture concessions and authorizations
  Paragraph 2°: Procedure
  Paragraph 3°: National Aquaculture Commission
Title VII: Research
  Paragraph 1°: Research for Fisheries Management
  Paragraph 2°: Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Fund
  Paragraph 3°: Research fishing
Title VIII: Scientific observers
Title IX: Infringements, sanctions, and procedures
  Paragraph 1°: Infringements and sanctions
  Paragraph 2°: Procedure
  Paragraph 3°: Responsibilities of captains and masters of fishing vessels
  Paragraph 4°: Sanctions against nationals conducting or participating in illegal fishing in Antarctic waters with foreign-flagged vessels.
Title X: Special offenses and penalties
Title XI: Expiry
Title XII: Fisheries Councils
  Paragraph 1: National Fisheries Council
  Paragraph 2°: Regional Fisheries Councils
  Paragraph 3°: Scientific Technical Committees
  Paragraph 4°: Fisheries Research Institute
Title XIII: Other Provisions