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Regulated Activities

Indigenous People

The Undersecretariat for Fisheries and Aquaculture is responsible for processing of the

Law N° 20.249

of Coastal and Marine Spaces of Indigenous People (ECMPO), which safeguards the customary use of such spaces in order to maintain traditions and utilization of existing natural resources by requesting indigenous communities.

Customary use refers to the practices and behaviors of the communities carried out in a frequent manner as part of their culture such as religion, economy, and recreation, among others. Associations or communities with management plans approved shall be responsible for the use and management of ECMPO.

Another regulation governing our Undersecretariat in this sense is the ILO Convention N° 169 ratified by Chile. This Convention stresses the right to land, territory, health, and education of indigenous people and establishes that the State has the duty to "consult the peoples concern through appropriate procedures and in particular through their representative institutions whenever consideration is being given to legislative or administrative measures which may affect them directly".